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How to become a Self-Sucker!

******NEW 2015*******: I will coach you for a fee if you're having trouble with the proper technique! Please inquire. Thanks!
***Warning, due to some people experiencing back problems while performing this act I do not take responsibility for your actions, but I do take responsibility for your pleasure!***

UPDATE: We're back and it's the beginning of 2015. This site receives more and more hits each week approaching 85000! I will be trying to keep up with the emails so keep them coming if you need guidance. For support and comments email me at: Since the popularity of this site is reaching new levels, you're in for MORE information and a BRAND NEW WEBSITE. Stay tuned! SITE OVERHAUL COMING SOON!! For real this time!

Hello all! Here I will tell you my FREE tricks on how you can become a Self Sucker! What you must do is follow these Steps in order for Success!

To prepare for your Selfsuck lesson you must do the following:

- You must be totally naked! No clothes whatsoever (in time maybe -- but for now clothes off please)

- This is because the clothes interfere with the bending over action (especially belts!)

- Be sitting down in a chair that is stable, and that supports your crotch well.

- Be erect! Make sure you get all the length you can get!

One more thing I'll cover before we get started is to inform you that it is possible..

I am 5 foot 11 and my penis is 6 inches, and I can suck on it fine (a whole 4 inches+ - I can even suck the head when my penis is not erect and this enables me to lick my balls -- similar to a blowjob or fellatio performed during sex) without problems and I am not flexible at ALL!

Now these are the Steps for Success to Self Sucking:

#1 - Get into a slouching motion so your back is curved outward.

#2 - Place your chin right onto your chest so you are looking down at your penis.

#3 - Hook your left arm (I prefer left arm, feel free to use right) around the bottom of both of your legs.
- This is so you can push up with the arm and your penis comes closer to your face.

#4 - Suck in your gut so your ribs can be pushed down over your gut, giving you a HUGE gain in distance.

#5 - Now that you are in position, lean down toward your penis with your head!

Note: It takes time to work your back in to perform this action. I do not recommend anyone trying it if it feels like you're going to snap in two!

This is a technique written by HHHTheory. Please send me feedback on how it went with you (please don't get mad if you couldn't suck the first time, ideally try it for 3 - 4 weeks before having any final thoughts.)

***** Updated email and will reply at: ******
Information is original and (c) 2004 - 2015 HHHTheory.